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In the professional event planning, the participants are certainly looking for seriousness and quality, but also, and more and more, of humanity and sympathy. You must then, as an organize an event planner, renew yourself to stay in step with the new requirements of your participants.

Surprise your participants in Event Planning Meeting

Your event plan must be an unforgettable experience for your participants. For that, you must move them.

Do not hesitate to propose animations that are out of the ordinary: offer them, for example, a meditation event plan at the beginning of the day. This will surprise them and put them in good condition to appreciate the whole wedding management you have prepared.

Use their five senses: for the experience to be complete, give your participants the opportunity to taste, touch, smell, see and hear. This is how your event planner will remain etched in their memory.

By reaching out to your participants and creating emotion in them, you will also create a good memory of your event planner participants, associated brands, and you as an organizer.

Feel free to break old codes. The old practices of the professional event planner end up tired.

Avoid bad and other classic furniture on your stands and within your event plan.

Be innovative, think Event Planner

Being innovative will make you stand out and you will be more successful in marking the spirit of your participants.

The event plans are not lacking, and you have every interest in using it for your events. Among them, 3D wedding image printing proves to be interesting. Why not print live personalized goodies, or even offer your participants a 3D photo booth: their body is scanned, and all details are transcribed on a miniature figurine they receive at their home!

The company ik-nouveau offers innovative entertainment and wedding management: your participants are placed in front of a camera filming their movements, these are then split into multiple images and printed in a small booklet. By turning the pages, the movements come back to life, on the principle of the ik-nouveau. Both fun and engaging, this is the kind of animation you need to surprise your participants.

New technologies are probably already present at each stage of your event plan. Including the creation of custom objects will reinforce the link created with your participants and make your event something you want to tell the story.

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