How to Best Decorate Wedding?

The Engagement

When you said Yes! Decorations have it that you make this commitment with your family and friends. It is advisable to organize a party decorations meal or simply an evening to emphasize your love and announce the coming of your marriage in the next months.

Event Decorations
Event Decorations

Celebrate her Wedding?

Since you answered the list of questions here above, you can now choose whether you want your wedding to take place near the place of worship, in the outdoors or in a banquet hall in a neutral institution such as a hotel. If you rent a community room, you must plan to rent all the necessary equipment (capitals, parties decorations, wedding decorations, dishes, glassware, cutlery, etc.). The possibility of celebrating your wedding at home is interesting if you have a large yard, or even at your cottage if that is the case. This step is crucial because often, the most popular places are reserved several months in advance, see years. Do votes!

Choose the Caterer

It’s time to choose what you want to offer as a menu to your guests. Beware, often the most expensive prices are not the most popular menus. If you opt for a wedding planner, call him for advice. If you decide to celebrate your wedding in an intimate place, you can call home chefs. If you need to use the services of the reception room where your wedding will take place, a traditional five-course wedding banquet style, you can ask them to taste different dishes to make your choice. This turnkey room/catering package is often the most economical option.

If you want to save on costs, the buffet option is also very popular. It’s a user-friendly and simplistic formula. Guests enjoy choosing their favorite dishes and often, after the celebration during the day, people are very hungry. The service becomes faster, and you get a cheaper solution.

Add a punch during the evening

It has become very popular to add stations during the meal such as a meat corner, a sautéed vegetable corner, and even a poutine corner, which, it is fun for children and even big! If you opt for a traditional 5-course meal, the poutine station during the evening is appreciated by many people, especially if they drank a lot of alcohol after the meal. A bit of solid in the belly is appreciated.

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