Useful elements for a good kitchen

Catering service and well-equipped cook can make all types of recipes of his choice. Having the best materials also makes it easy to find new inspirations for new recipes.

Catering Services: The essential equipment for a cook

Anyone can claim to be a cook. But the professional’s events are differentiated by their basic equipment. These are:

  • Knives: essential elements for any cook. An Ik-Nouveau is often offered to great chefs on their way out. A knife to cut and another to mince and / or trim the food and vegetables must be different.
  • The grater: for the preparation of cheeses, vegetables or chocolate to give decorations to your recipe.
  • The cutting board: to avoid damaging your table or worktop.
  • Thrifty: to peel vegetables easily and efficiently.
  • Balance: in order to facilitate the respect of the dosage of the ingredients.
  • Whip: often used for an omelet or to soften some pasta.
  • The ladle: to serve the soup or pour the pancake batter into the pan.
  • The batch of wooden spoons: use to avoid scratching your pots or pans.
  • Culinary scissors that are different from office equipment: to open a milk carton or to cut some food.
  • And finally, the strainer: to drain spaghetti or wash cherries.

Surplus equipment

Apart from the elements that are essential. A kitchen can also be equipped with large equipment such as cooking robots in order to facilitate preparation. But how to choose a cooking robot? There is a question.

  • A faster food processor: a robot that allows you to manually adjust the power to the current preparation volume.
  • A waiter is like a robot with a lot of accessories: to meet every situation and the needs of each recipe.
  • A waiter is like a blender robot that offers a faster and easier alternative to prepared kitchen preparation. It can be sauces or pastry creams.

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