Regarding the announcement. It can be created by you, by hand in the style of a Scrapbook, if you want an original invitation. It takes a lot of time if you have multiple guests but it is worth it when you want to customize your wedding. Why not buy cards with an empty frame and put a picture of both of them, your first love photo or a picture of your engagement, or even when he asked you to marry you. The best event planner in Lahore is always appreciated when it has a personal touch.

Otherwise, you can also do business with a specialized event planner in the field or simply a general printing center. These will be able to mount dozens and dozens of choices according to the color that you want to give to your wedding.

An even more economical choice is to buy packages already boxed, just download the template and import your Excel list which was discussed in Step 3, make your guest list.

Event Planner in Lahore

Even more event planner in lahore, thanks to technology, you could send your announcements via email while making sure you have a confirmation of reading the email. You could also use a platform that allows you to create the digital invitation. Several small free software can offer you this service online.

Do the same process for thank you cards. You could put a picture of your wedding day at the wedding, or make a digital send. If you are dealing with a photographer, ask him if it is possible on the day of the wedding. with a small printer, to make the cards and give them the same evening to the guests. Another way to save on shipping costs is the postage stamp.

If you want to save on costs, the buffet option is also very popular. It’s a user-friendly and simplistic formula. Guests enjoy choosing their favorite dishes and often, after the celebration during the day, people are very hungry. The service becomes faster and you get a cheaper solution.

Event Planner in Lahore

Event planner in Lahore
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