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At IK-NOUVEAU, we believe that life is much too short to only love halfway …
Which is why we celebrate event fully and in all its shapes and colors? We thrive on couples who are genuine and spontaneous, and most importantly, who are best friends. For isn’t a wedding the most beautiful extravagance that can be shared by two people in love?

Everything about a couple – To prepare your wedding step by step, from the heartfelt love to the charming stationery, moving vows, beautiful design and decor, gorgeous flowers, festive confetti, and the thousand and one other details that make for a successful celebration – thrills and inspires us. And above all, the idea of joining with you to make this magical day happen fills us with joy!

Our certified specialists have perfected the art of making a special event of a wedding ideas and wedding decoration quite spectacular. Whether for an intimate party or a celebration with several guests, we will accompany you in every step so that your experience is without worries. It is possible that you have no experience in the field, we must be able to deliver an evening up to our expectations. We want everything to be perfect for D-Day and that this day is a memorable moment that will remain forever etched in the memory of the bride and groom but also in the memory of the guests.

Make an appointment with one of our coordinators who will receive you in our lounge reserved exclusively for the bride and groom. We will see with you different options to find for you, the best place. We offer you a personalized service where the possibilities are endless! To begin your approach and target your needs CONTACT US.

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wedding planner
wedding planner